Steel Supplements Veg-PRO | Vegan Protein Powder, Vanilla Cream Pie | 25 Servings (1.65lbs) | BCAA Amino Acid | Gluten Free | Non Dairy | Low Carb Formula

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  • PACKED WITH PROTEIN: Our VEG-PRO is the best plant based protein supplement powder on the market. It is a highly purified source of both pea protein isolate and brown rice protein with a solid 20g protein that you need for solid gains. When you choose Steel, you choose quality
  • DAIRY FREE, GLUTEN FREE: We've carefully created the highest quality protein alternative that is both whey and dairy free and suitable for vegan and gluten free lifestyles. We've also taken extra steps to ensure that all plant-derived protein is non-GMO so you can feel confident about the purity of our product.
  • ESSENTIAL FOR MUSCLE GROWTH: Truly the best way to pack on lean, mean muscle. Our pure pea isolate vegetable protein powder gives your body the essential nutrients it needs to both build muscle and bulk up. A great way for both men and women to step up their fitness game.
  • PROMOTES MUSCLE REPAIR: Lets face it, muscle fatigue is a huge drag that can seriously reduce your pumps and your overall performance. VEG-PRO contains essential amino acids that target troubled muscle groups in order to restore and replenish them all while giving them the fuel they need to achieve maximum pump.
  • EASILY DIGESTED: Ever get that nasty, bloated feeling that some other protein powders are known for? Steel Supplements insist on the highest quality, which is why VEG-PRO is triple-filtered to eliminate harmful by-products such as non-essential fillers and lactose so you'll always be at peak performance levels.

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