Snap Supplements Organic Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder Nitric Oxide Boosting Protein Powder, Vanilla Bean, BCAA Amino Acid for Muscle Growth, Performance & Recovery - 30 Servings (Banana)

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Your body depends on protein for building and repairing more than just muscle tissue. Realize the full potential of your health with the power of plant-based protein. AdvantaPea™ is a finely ground, powdered vegan protein made from non-GMO Canadian yellow peas.

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  • PROMOTES MUSCLE GROWTH: Adequate protein intake is essential for supporting muscle tissue synthesis and research indicates that adding a vegan protein supplement to your strength training can be an effective strategy to enhance muscle tissue growth.
  • OPTIMIZE STRENGTH & PERFORMANCE: Whether you're an endurance or power athlete, a healthy protein drink is a critical component of any training regimen. Our organic protein powders are designed to increase strength and maximize performance.
  • MINIMIZE RECOVERY TIME: Post-workout Protein supplies your muscles the tools they need to repair and recover after a training session. Bulk protein supplementation is the best way to reduce tissue damage and inflammation. Perfect for post-workout protein shakes.
  • PURE PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Our natural protein mix is made with only the cleanest ingredients and amino acids derived exclusively from brown rice, yellow peas, and lentils to provide you with a complete mix of vegan protein that blends seamlessly into hot or cold liquid for a silky smooth taste every time.

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