Omega 3 Better Than Fish Oil Supplements - Vegan Omega 3 - Omega 3 Fatty Acids Vegan DHA, DPA, EPA - Plant Based Algae Omega 3 - Heart, Brain, Joint, Prenatal, Immune System Support, No Carrageenan

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  • Plant Based Vegan Omega 3: Prevent inflammation with our omega 3 supplements! It decreases inflammation in the body helps boost & strengthen the immune system helping prevent diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Omega-3 helps aid pain relief in joints.
  • DPA, DHA & EPA Vegan: The essential fatty acid DPA has been shown to inhibit inflammation even better than EPA. In your body, EPA is naturally turned into DPA because it’s better suited to control inflammation. DPA helps support your joints better than other essential fatty acids & helps maximize the benefits from omega-3s.
  • Brain Health: Our omega 3 supplements help important roles in brain function and development. They can help improve brain function in people with memory problems, such as those with Alzheimer's disease or other cognitive impairments.
  • Burp-less Formula: Qwell is made with farm-raised non-GMO algae, free of ocean-borne toxins, pollutants and contaminants and won’t give you “fishy burps". You get the essential fatty acids you need each day from the same place fish get theirs, algae.
  • Physician Formulated: Made by an MD for joint, heart, brain and immune system support. Qwell delivers a large, pure, clean dose of omega-3s, including EPA, DHA and DPA with Vitamin E without harmful ingredients like CARRAGEENAN.

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