Living Silica Plant Based Collagen Booster | Vegan Collagen Booster | Supports Healthy Collagen and Elastin Production for Joint & Bone Support, Glowing Skin, Strong Hair & Nails | 33.85 Fl Oz

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  • Living Silica Plant-based silicon supplement is a formula designed for your well-being and to maximize your body’s potential supplying a key trace substance, silicon, your body uses in joints, bones, hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.
  • The silicon ingredient benefits have been studied in humans. LIVING SILICA ’s silicon-based ingredient is a trace element found in nature and is laboratory tested to ensure quality and safety*.
  • When it comes to silicon, absorption matters. LIVING SILICA is a premier grade of silicon supplement. Our clinical scientist developed the patent-pending, proprietary process to allow the LIVING SILICA to remain in a silicon form best suited for intestinal absorption.
  • 375% Greater Absorption*. According to independent clinical trials performed in the UK, Living Silica’s proprietary blend has the highest absorption rate. Living Silica is fully utilized by the body; instead of being expelled, it reaches the collagen-producing cells to activate them, promoting their collagen production. Our proprietary method developed by Loic Le Ribault raises the solubility limit of Si and maintains it in a small, monomeric, and absorbable form.

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