KompleX Nutrition Plant Based Protein Powder (25 Servings) - Vanilla Flavored Natural, Vegan, Zero Sugar, Low Fat, Non GMO Dietary Supplement Made from 29 Natural Greens & Fruits

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  • PACKED WITH PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: Fuel your day with the protein you need to build muscle, keep hunger away and optimally nourish your body. Each serving of this all-natural protein powder contains 25g of protein and a full serving of fruit and veg! Effortlessly blend it into hot or cold liquids with no lumps or chunky clumps. Enjoy a smoother drinking experience that doesn't need a blender!
  • FLAVORED TO PERFECTION: Enjoy the intensely delicious peanut butter/coconut/vanilla flavor packed into each of the 25 servings. Other protein powders can smell bad and taste even worse, but at KompleX Nutrition we take the taste of our dietary supplements seriously. Now you can enjoy the richly irresistible scent and flavor you've always wanted from your protein shakes!
  • BURSTING WITH BCAA’S: BCAAs can help you build muscle, minimize fatigue, promote fat burning and reduce muscle soreness after those brutal workouts. And yes - each serving of this low-fat protein supplement is crammed with BCAAs! Bless your body with BCAAs, all without the uneven texture or bitter aftertaste so many other protein powders give you! So buy today with total confidence - you’re covered by our 30 Day KompleX Protein Money Back Guarantee!
  • CLEAN LABEL PROJECT PURITY AWARD: All flavors of our protein have received the Clean Label Project Purity Award which uses benchmarked data to compare how brands’ ingredient supply chain and quality assurance systems fare compared to industry leaders. They evaluate products for substances that wouldn’t be found on any product label - industrial/environmental toxins and contaminants like heavy metals, pesticide residues, plasticizers that have potential long-term effects for health and well-being
  • 100% VEGAN: This protein supplement offers you a vegan and non-GMO alternative to whey and other animal protein products with NO fillers, sugar, gum or anything artificial. Other powders will use misleading labels to trick you into thinking their products are natural. Don't fall for it - choose KompleX Nutrition for a gluten-free and genuinely clean formula that will never cause you stomach pain.

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