Kala Health Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes Plant Based high-Activity enzymes from Fermentation – Stable enzymes That Resist Stomach Acid for Optimal Intake – optimizes The Breakdown of Food (60)

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  • Natural Digestive Support – Unique formula with EU ingredients only – Intended for people who temporarily need digestion support – Designed to support the digestion of the carbs, proteins and fats in the food. Incomplete digestion of food may lead to restricted uptake of ingredients, and unpleasant side-effects (gas, diarrhea) associated with incomplete digestion.
  • Why Natural Enzymes? – Digestive enzymes are special proteins, indispensable when it comes to the breakdown of foods. The enzymatic breakdown starts with moistering in the mouth, and ends in the small intestine where enzymes further split the foods in separate nutrients that are absorbed by the body. Approximately 90 % of the food is absorbed in the small Intestine. Supplementation with high-quality natural enzymes is an easy and safe way to support the digestion processes.
  • Maximum uptake - Digestion aid may be needed when the body does not produce enough digestive enzymes, or if there is a problem with a digestive organ. With increasing age the ability of the entire digestive systems may decrease. The stomach will produce less acid and the production of digestive enzymes may decrease as well. In such conditions a supplement with digestive enzymes might help. Food will better be digested, and the nutritional substances will better be absorbed.
  • Why plant based enzymes? – Unique mix of plant based high activity enzymes, produced by fungal fermentation, working together inside the gastrointestinal tract to optimize food digestion. The enzymes are stable, and not sensitive to temperatures or the acid environment of the stomach. The plant-based enzymes are active within a pH of 3.0 till 9.0, optimizing their biological activity in the stomach as well as in the intestine.
  • Why Capsules? - Our vegetarian capsules contain the active, branded ingredients only, making sure no unnecessary and unwanted excipients are added.

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