HAVASU NUTRITION Elderberry Gummies for Kids with Zinc & Vitamin C | Potent Herbal Supplement with Antioxidants to Support Immune Defense | Vegan Gummies

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  • Triple Immune Support: These tasty Elderberry gummies are carefully created for children 2 and above for year-round immune support. The premium immunity blend includes European Elderberry Extract, Vitamin C and Zinc in a pectin-based gummy for a healthy dose each day, giving your child additional protection.
  • Yummy Berry Flavor: These gummies help your kids start off on a long-term wellness journey with a supplement they crave every day. They’ll look forward to their daily dose and love the Berry Flavor.
  • We’re there for them: Real Elderberry Gummies are great for the whole family, and these are made with kids in mind. Whether going back to school, during the winter months, at daycare or in the classroom, your little ones are around naturally germy places. Give them gummies and give yourself a little more peace of mind.
  • High in antioxidants: Elderberries have naturally occurring anthocyanins that provide good antioxidant support. Antioxidants can help neutralize free radicals, promoting good overall health.*
  • The Elderberry Tradition: Families have relied on Black Sambucus Elderberry for centuries in various forms, and a tasty gummy is the best way yet to make sure your kids have a supplement to help protect them year-round. Each gummy includes 50 mg of Elderberry, and the recommended serving is one a day for ages 2-3 and two for 4 and above.
  • Anthocyanins are compounds that give Elderberry its characteristic dark black-purple hue. The natural color in these gummies comes from the berry. This coloring may vary from batch to batch, but high quality testing is performed by third parties to ensure that potency is always consistent.
  • Havasu Nutrition is headquartered in Tampa, FL, USA where all of our products are domestically sourced. You can feel confident in knowing that our ingredients are premium and certified GMP with third party testing. Havasu Nutrition Elderberry Gummies is the best option for the entire family's health and wellbeing - especially in immune defense!

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